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We offer private and subsidized child care places. The cost of the private day care is covered by parental contributions.


The prices for private payers (self-paying, non-subsidized parents):

Days a week All day Baby (infant) - all day
5 2´415.- 3´113.-
4 1´932.- 2´490.-
3 1´449.- 1´902.-
2 966.- 1’291.-

Daily price: 121.- SFr./day
Baby (infant): 156.- to 162.- SFr./day


Subsidized day care places:

The city of Zurich promotes child care, among others, by subsidizing day care places. The parental contributions for a subsidized place care related to earnings and is calculated individually.

Click here for the maintenance costs (general information)

Subsidized place:

Click here for an online calculation


In order to get a subsidized child care place you need:
1. a valid contribution factor confirmation,
2. a confirmation of the scope of subsidy eligibility.


Click here to see the applied procedure.

Click here if you would like to see the Booklet "About the scope of subsidy eligibility"(PDF 7 pages).




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